Hi all, my name is Lisa Strum. I’m the oldest one in this picture – back when I was innocent and naive. When all I wanted for the future was a husband and two children – and a Barbie doll.

Im currently 43 and work in a pretty nice company doing the good old 9-5. I have lovely friends, great family and a caring boyfriend. So what is missing? Children.

Sadly, I know they will not be a possibility (naturally) so unless I want to wander down that scary path of adoption or donor eggs/surrogacy, I will be childless.

The only thing that has got me through my entire fertility journey is the fact that I never hide it. I talk. Non-stop. I annoy anyone that will listen. I do admit I didn’t talk to work – as the taboo still hadn’t been broken for me in that sphere of my life – but I’m even telling them now it’s all over.

So now that I have more time on my hands, Ive started writing. Ive set up a Facebook Support Group and Ive set up this site. Why? TO GET YOU ALL TALKING! Let’s stop fertility being such a silent subject. Everyone, open your mouths, scream it all out and let’s help each other – one word at a time.