About Me

I am the eldest in this picture. This was back when opportunities were limitless. When I had every belief that I could achieve whatever I wanted. Along the way I have learned many lessons. The most valuable of all being that you cannot control life but that you can control your reactions, your responses and your ability to change.

Over the last five years I have dealt with my own personal changes – mainly the need to accept a new path after the inability to have children. The only thing that got me through my entire fertility journey is the fact that I never hid it. I embraced every change and I talked. Non-stop. I annoyed anyone that would listen. And in doing so, I learned a lot more about myself and found a way to find peace with every decision that was made.

Over the last two years I have worked on understanding who I am and what will make me happy (now that Plan B has replaced Plan A). I have done this through attending various courses including Mindfulness and training as an NLP Coach. Although there were some struggles, and the changes were not always easy to make or accept, I am now better equipped to “seek the positive” in life. I hope to join you on your journey towards change and positivity.


In addition to Coaching, I run a Facebook Support Group for women who have struggled to conceive and write Blogs on this subject. In the future I will be adding a series of Vlogs to document my personal approach to finding positivity.