What I do


My primary focus for coaching is on women and couples who have dealt with fertility issues, difficulty conceiving and miscarriage. I have first hand experience of this issue and fully understand how both primary and secondary infertility can impact women. It can be hard to imagine any other path when all you have wanted is to create a family. However, as an NLP Coach I have seen how it is possible to re-frame this loss into a positive new beginning.

Other Areas:

As well as my work with infertility, these are just some of the other areas I cover:

Anxiety Phobias Self-limiting beliefs
Stress reduction Personal Development Communication
Health/Wellbeing Weight Loss and Fitness Confidence
Motivation and Strategies Relationships Conflicts


Sessions are conducted as follows:

  • 1 to 1: Working on a one to one basis in person or via Skype. This can be used to explore self-limiting beliefs, anxiety, phobias or trauma as an example.
  • Corporate Training: Having worked in a Corporate environment for many decades, I appreciate the need to be able to understand interpersonal dynamics and reduce stress. I am available to deliver group training sessions on Mindfulness and NLP Techniques.
  • Events: I will be running a variety of events aimed at the pursuit of happiness. Check back here for more details when available